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Readiness Assessment

In an age where knowledge is power, the In an age where knowledge is power, the ease and efficiency with which right information is accessed and acted-on becomes the key to success. Indeed, organization irrespective of size and scale are relying on advanced analytics like Business Intelligence (BI) or Data Warehousing (DW) solutions to leverage knowledge to respond to the dynamic changes in the eco-system and retaining the competitive edge. Advantics' due diligence offering is designed to help you assess which technologies to use, what steps are to be followed and what ROI to expect. With our Assessment / Strategy Roadmap service, Advantics helps organizations to conceptualize a BI vision and define plans to achieve this vision, looking at the evolution in steps from "as-is" to a "to be" state, leading to the early realization of ROI in both quantitative and qualitative terms. This is a technology independent exercise first gathers insights about an organization’s business needs, existing pain areas and expectations from the data warehouse as enabler of the strategic objective along with evaluating existing technologies and recommendations provided accordingly on the usability or enhancement to those technologies. Advantics has an expert base covering almost every BI technology on the market along with domain expertise and our study will deliver a 360 degree evaluation.

In a typical Business Intelligence Assessment engagement delivers the following key components:.

  •  Current State BI/DW environment assessment. environment assessment.
  •  BI/DW roadmap, long term vision, and strategy definition.
  •  Implementation milestones and tentative cost assessment .
  •  Technology evaluation and recommendation for BI areas of database, ETL,  Reporting/OLAP, Data Quality, Data Modeling, Data Mining, etc.
  •  Phase wise implementation milestones and tentative cost assessment Recommended BI governance model, implementation methodology and best practices.
  •  High level Data quality assessment and data profiling .